Systems & Optimization Aspects of Smart Grid Challenges 2013

Workshop Location

University of Arizona
Tucson, AZ - 85721

Workshop Dates

March 21 - 23, 2013

Contact us

Should you have any questions regarding the workshop, please contact:

    Feng Pan

    Young-Jun Son

Call for Submissions

This workshop focuses on several topics related to smart grids. Participants will present their cutting edge research and practical knowledge in areas including power grid expansion, integrating heterogeneous generation sources, controlling and monitoring power grids, energy markets, and interdependence to other sectors (e.g., manufactures, transportation). In particular, the workshop emphasizes on the research and challenges related to system and optimization aspects.

    Topics include:
  1. Modeling and simulation of energy systems and smart grids.
  2. Smart grid management and control.
  3. Cyber security challenges in smart grids.
  4. Smart grid security and resilience including intrusion detection, communication security and vulnerability analysis.
  5. Blackout detection and mitigation in smart grids.
  6. Renewable energy integration challenges.
  7. Energy-efficient communications for smart grids.
  8. Scalable infrastructure for smart grids.
  9. Smart grids and social infrastructure challenges.
  10. Impact of smart grids on other industries.
  11. Sustainable manufacture.
  12. Vehicle-to-grid systems.
  13. Demand-side management: centralized and decentralized control.
  14. Smart energy demand mechanisms like smart meters, dynamic pricing, smart thermostats etc.
  15. Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) and Energy Management Systems (EMS) in smart grid.
  16. Optimization and coordination strategies for smart grids and micro-grid technologies.
  17. Communications and control in energy systems and micro-grids.
  18. Smart grid standards and regulatory challenges.
  19. Impact of smart grid technologies on distributed energy Systems.
  20. Power and energy system applications (generation, transmission, distribution, markets, operations, planning).
  21. Innovations in smart grids.
  22. Smart grid technologies.
  23. Smart grid deployment projects.

Abstract Submission

To make a presentation (both oral and poster) at the workshop, an abstract should be submitted by February 8, 2013 (extended to February 22, 2013) here (it is noted that full paper submission is not required for workshop presentation). All abstracts must be in English. Notification of acceptance will be given by February 26, 2013. Once you login into the EasyChair system for abstract submission, make sure to

  1. fill out the necessary fields (authors, title, abstract, keywords) in the form;
  2. upload one page abstract (in word document) conforming to the template (via clicking "upload paper" button), which will be used to create a workshop program.

A limited number of abstract submissions will be selected for oral presentations while others will be scheduled for poster/interactive presentations. One can be a presenting author (oral or poster) for only one abstract. There is no limit on co-authors. The presenting author is one who will pay for the workshop registration fee and present at the workshop.

Publications of the Workshop

We will publish 1) a special issue of the "Energy Systems" Journal and 2) the "Handbook of Smart Grids" published by Springer on Energy Systems based on the materials of the workshop. All of you are welcomed to contribute papers/chapters. The submitted papers/chapters will go through standard peer review procedures. The deadline for both the special issue and the handbook is June 15, 2013 . Please find the instructions for submitting your papers/chapters:

  1. Special issue of the "Energy Systems" Journal:
    The format of paper can be found through this link, and the submission site is here (please make sure to select the article type "S.I.: SmartGrid 2013")

  2. "Handbook of Smart Grids" published by Springer on Energy Systems (see link for the series). The format of chapters can be found through this link and the submission site is here (please submit your chapter clicking "New Submission" in your login)

Please contact Neng Fan ( if you have any questions regarding the submission.